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Hiya how big is this pack I mean what kind of variety is there in the tilesets?

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I'm not sure how to answer that. I thought I described it pretty well on the product page. The exteriors sheet is 512x512 and the interiors sheet is 512x256, but both leave empty space for ease-of-use purposes. I've added a new sample image that will hopefully answer your question.

I mean like what kind of variety.. Is there like town, forests castles.. Variety thats all I was asking .. 
Meaning is there enough to do a full world using it thats all I was asking. Strange that itch io notifications doesnt really notify all the time XD they hang around way in the background.

In that case, no. This is just a tileset for making houses. You can see in this image everything the pack contains. Forests and castles are in other packs, which you can find here.

what colour palletes do you us

Sometimes I draw inspiration from old SNES games, but the palettes are original.