Seliel the Shaper

An outfit expansion for the Mana Seed pixel art character base.
An outfit expansion for the Mana Seed pixel art character base.
4-stage growing crops for an RPG or farming sim.
A cozy cottage tileset for an RPG or adventure game.
A gender-neutral pixel art base for RPG or adventure game characters.
A versatile tileset for creating a variety of unique airships, both inside and out.
A flexible pixel art tileset for building RPG castles and keeps.
24 unique monster sprites for a side-view turn-based JRPG-style battle system.
A fully featured cave tileset, with variable elevation, stalagmites, rocks, plants, and animated water.
3 different pixel art treasure chests, both open and closed, and totally free!
176 unique pixel art potion sprites for your RPG or adventure game.
A fully featured RPG forest, including hills, rocks, and animated water.
A variety of different objects for decorating RPG village homes.
A pixel art interiors tileset, including half-timber, masonry, hardwood and flagstone, plus an animated fireplace.
6 different animated pixel art candles, each both lit and unlit.
Assorted pixel art containers, signposts, market stalls, and other clutter to decorate your RPG village or town.
4 different customizable pixel art barriers, including some free grass tiles and 4 color swaps.
A versatile tileset for constructing pixel art buildings, big and small, plus some free ground tiles and 5 color swaps.

Mana Seed

A collection of high quality pixel art game assets in a faithful 16-bit SNES RPG style.