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This font pack contains 4 true-type fonts for use in low-res retro games:

Mana Seed Title

A (mostly) 8x8 pixel font with a chonky feel. It should be pixel-perfect at 8pt (or multiples of 8). Intended for names, titles, and headers. Strongly inspired by Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana). This one does NOT include any accented characters.

Mana Seed Title (monospace)

A monospace version of the Title font, where each character occupies exactly 8x8. It should be pixel-perfect at 8pt (or multiples of 8). Monospace fonts are what old games used to use, but may seem odd nowadays, since it leaves large gaps between narrow letters like i and l.

Mana Seed Body

A (mostly) 4x8 pixel font with a compact, space-efficient feel. It should be pixel-perfect at 8pt (or multiples of 8). This one is intended for fine print or games with very low resolution. It includes fully accented characters (áäàâãå, for example).

Mana Seed Flavor

A (mostly) 4x13 pixel font in a slender, elegant, serif style. It should be pixel-perfect at 16pt (or multiples of 16). This one is intended for flavor text for items and spells in menus for RPGs. It includes fully accented characters (áäàâãå, for example).


I'm still kind of new to this font business, so if you notice any problems, please let me know in the comments below so I can fix them.

Special Bonus: If you pledge at least $5 on my Patreon, you can pick up this asset for free using this link.

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
Tags2D, 8-point, body, Fonts, mana-seed, monospace, Pixel Art, Retro, text, title


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

20.12b - Mana Seed Font Collection (Title) 1.0.zip 7 kB
20.12b - Mana Seed Font Collection (Title, Mono) 1.0.zip 7 kB
20.12b - Mana Seed Font Collection (Body) 1.4.zip 8 kB
20.12b - Mana Seed Font Collection (Flavor) 1.1.zip 8 kB

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Hi Seliel the Shaper,

Thank you for your great work. I used it in my first short game.

Nothing special, just trying out what i can do.


Very nice!

Looks great man! How many people bought this font so far (if I may ask)?

It's had 80 direct sales. But has also been included in many holiday bundles, and it's free for my patrons. Fonts aren't my bread and butter, though. You should check out @somepx if you're looking for more options.

nice! btw is the ttf file in the .zip?

Yes, for all 3 fonts 👍

also i want to post my own font and for the page i would like this font you also have, do you have the name? i cant seem to find it...

I don't know what you mean? All the fonts I use in the preview images are in the zip.

These look great! I am considering them for a commercial product? What is the license to use these once purchased?

Commercial projects are fine 👍 The same license applies to all my assets, and a link to it can be found at the bottom of all my product pages. But here it is for your convenience: https://selieltheshaper.weebly.com/user-license.html 🤗

This is great! Thank you for the well-written license and a timely response!

These are great! I used them in my gamejam submission. Thanks! (https://xedindustries.itch.io/heal-die-repeat)

That's awesome;

What do the punctuation marks look like (! ? , ; : . " ')? Only . and ' are shown in the preview image.
(I am sorry for being super cheap. I know it's only like $3.00 USD; the exchange rate to my home currency is just pretty bad at the moment.)

I don't want you to buy this if $3 is going to hurt. Check out this other great font, it's totally free: https://mounirtohami.itch.io/minimalpixel-font


My concern is less that it's gonna hurt but more that at $6.00, which is my final cost after conversion; it's worth finding out if it's what I am looking for. Whereas if I was paying under $5.00 I would be more likely to go "eh, if it's not right who cares?", which I admit is a really lame distinction, but once an amount goes above $5.00, I can practically hear my grandmother giving me shit for wasting money. But I've gone off-topic.

I am looking for a specific pixel font that I was silly enough not to buy when I first saw it. I think it was made by you, but I am not certain. The exclamation point in this font was rounded and more balloon-shaped rather than a single line of pixels.

****** I super appreciate your recommending another font. That's super awesome and well above and beyond any of my expectations. You are easily the nicest person on the internet.


This is exactly the font I was looking for!!! So excited!!!

Ah, well that's great! 😁👍

Mana Seed Body looks great, and due to it having the accented characters, I purchased it. Hopefully you can add the accented characters to the title and title monospace in the future.

I have bought this font from you, and it's excatly what I wanted! But there seems to be some kerning issue with the capital letter 'B'. I'm using the included .ttf file, and the word "BALANCE" in my game looks like "B ALANCE". It can be seen in the preview as well if I double-click on the .ttf file in Windows.

Appreciate if you could take the time to look into this. Thanks!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for letting me know about this. I have corrected the error 😁👍

Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the fix, appreciate it.

Is it for use in the font sprites of consctruct 3? do the letters come out with the accents? is the background transparent?

I don't know what construct 3 is. There are no accented letters. It's a regular TrueType font, so transparency shouldn't be an issue.

Does this font support accents? For example these characters:


I love the font and will buy it if it does. I need those characters for spanish text in my game.

Sorry, no. You can see all the included characters in the preview image.

I found this on fontforge several weeks ago:


It has the characters you're searching for. :)

Thanks, but that font is the final fantasy iv ds font but modified to add extra characters. Legally I can't use that in a commercial game.


Look for "somepx" here on itch. He makes some really great affordable pixel fonts. And I think the "gold" versions usually have accented letters and even non-Roman alphabets. Highly recommended.