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Farming crops 2 says it needs a password to access the page


Ah, that was a mistake. I removed the link. Farming Crops 2 is currently a patron exclusive. It'll be available to the public next month.

Oh, thanks, i'll be waiting :')

These are great, thank you :)

You're very welcome 🤗

Is there a good way to turn these into individual images? I can't use a slicer because they vary in size.

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Maybe make a copy then slice one at 16x16, the other at 16x32, then delete the ones that are the wrong size?


Do you have any plans on adding more crops? I would love to buy (even at a higher price) but need more crops! Great art work. Love it.


Yeah, I definitely have plans to add more. I have a list. I'll be including seeds for each one as well. Not sure when it's going to happen, but it's on my to-do list.


If/When you get around to updating this one, another great addition would be to add a Un-Hoed, Hoed, and Watered Dirt Square that fits into each of your 4 seasonal art sets. This will make this set mesh very well with your collection! really loving your recent stuff!


I really like that idea too. Would be nice for farming gameplay.