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Hi do you do a sale bundle on all the character packs anytime?

Just NPC Packs 1 and 2? That's not likely, i usually bundle more than 2 assets at a time.

No i mean with then and the character base plus addons basically all they parts for characters.

You can check back during itchio's next site-wide sale (I think there's one coming in late June), I might discount them then.

Ah ok I'll keep an eye out thanks.

Hey man, love your work, huge fan, just want to ask... Do you have a desert pack?

Thanks 💚

You can find a breakdown of all my assets here:

I don't have a desert pack, but Tropical Shores has everything you need but the cactuses.

that armoured knight is sooo good! (the whole pack is good, but that knight is my favorite) I would honestly pay for/buy a pack that fleshes out that knight to get a larger move set.

just simple stuff like running, swinging a sword and wielding a pike. could make for a good enemy with some more animations. anyways, keep up the great work seliel!


Thanks for the kind words 💚

I do have an armored knight planned for a separate asset pack sometime in the distant future. It may take inspiration from this one, not sure yet 🤷‍♀️🤗