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This is an assortment of different NPC sprites you can use to populate your towns and castles in a top-down RPG or adventure game. It's meant to work together visually with my Character Base, but owning that is not a requirement. These are all standalone characters with their own walk animations. Some even have short animations unique to them. Each one stays within 32x32 pixels (with a couple of exceptions for special animations). Here's a summary of what's included in this asset:

  • Bearded Man
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • Full "Bartender" variant (he has a dishrag)
  • Balding Chef
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • 4-frame drinking from a flask (he can quit any time)
  • Nun
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • 2-frame praying (facing down)
    • 2-frame kneeling in prayer (facing up)
  • Young Dandy
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • One smug sense of self-importance.
  • Town Guard or Soldier
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
  • Armored Knight
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
  • Little Boy
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
  • Little Girl
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
  • Dog
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • 2-frame wagging tail
    • 1-frame sitting
    • 1-frame barking (sitting and standing)
  • Cat
    • 4-frame walking (4 directions)
    • 2-frame sitting, tail moving
    • 3-frame curled up, tail moving

Each character is on its own sprite sheet and comes in at least four different color variants (including a unified palette variant to make runtime color swaps easier).

Don't forget to pick up the first NPC Pack!

Or you can pick up my Character Base and draw your own clothes on them for an infinite variety of NPCs.

This is part of the Mana Seed collection of pixel art game assets made in a 16-bit SNES RPG style. If you want more stuff like this for your game, check out the rest of my collection!

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, animated, cat, Characters, dog, mana-seed, npc, Pixel Art, Sprites


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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No web3, no crypto?  What does this mean?

If you don't know what those things are, then you have nothing to worry about. If your project involves those things, then you should move along.

Seliel I see your on your grind making audio packs lol

Hi do you do a sale bundle on all the character packs anytime?

Just NPC Packs 1 and 2? That's not likely, i usually bundle more than 2 assets at a time.

No i mean with then and the character base plus addons basically all they parts for characters.

You can check back during itchio's next site-wide sale (I think there's one coming in late June), I might discount them then.

Ah ok I'll keep an eye out thanks.

Hey man, love your work, huge fan, just want to ask... Do you have a desert pack?

Deleted 22 days ago

Hey! This might be a little late, but I finally have a desert pack 🤗

that armoured knight is sooo good! (the whole pack is good, but that knight is my favorite) I would honestly pay for/buy a pack that fleshes out that knight to get a larger move set.

just simple stuff like running, swinging a sword and wielding a pike. could make for a good enemy with some more animations. anyways, keep up the great work seliel!


Thanks for the kind words 💚

I do have an armored knight planned for a separate asset pack sometime in the distant future. It may take inspiration from this one, not sure yet 🤷‍♀️🤗