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This delightful little tileset is perfect for putting together elegant gardens or balconies in or around the noble houses or royal palaces found in your top-down RPG or adventure game. This is a 16x16 pixel tileset but can be easily resized to 32x32 or 48x48 if your engine requires it. All of the following elements can be found in this asset:

  • 2 types of fancy garden tile floor texture, one in full autotile layout.
  • 2 different 4-frame animated water fountains, one big, one small.
  • Vertical- and horizontal-facing stone benches, both with variable length.
  • A low balcony-style railing.
  • A large stone wall of variable height.
  • A passage in the wall with either a wooden door or iron gate.
  • Tall customizable hedge maze, complete with a secret passage.
  • A low waist-high manicured hedge wall.
  • 2 types of potted plants.
  • 4 free-standing plants, 3 with alternate flowering versions.
  • A seamless flowerbed texture in 3 color swaps.
  • A hanging vine overlay that can be put anywhere.
  • An adjustable high column with either a potted plant or stone block atop.
  • Separated sheets for like-sized objects for easy slicing.

As an added bonus, this asset also includes a small grass & dirt autotile taken from my Summer Forest, but the Royal Garden stuff should work well with any of my seasonal forest tilesets. I've even included a slightly darker color palette if you find the brightness of the original tileset to clash with some of my darker environments.

Lastly, as a helpful guide for how I set up my autotile and animations, I'm including the TMX and TSX files (from Tiled) for the demo maps seen in the screenshots.


Updated 14 days ago
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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Action RPG, flowers, fountain, garden, hedge, JRPG, mana-seed, Pixel Art


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $49.99 USD
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Beautiful! I can already get some ideas for how to use some of these in the project I'm planning. The art style of this whole collection is so charming and memorable, I love it!

Such kind words, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜