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This 16x16 pixel tileset is designed for making carved stonework homes for your RPG towns and villages. It is fully featured with a ton of exterior elements:

  • Open and closed exterior doors
  • Visually distinct ground, upper, and attic floors
  • Windows with open or closed shutters (or removed entirely)
  • Optional stone foundation layer with steps up to the doorway
  • Flat rooftops, or angled with horizontal or vertical beams
  • External fireplace structure for side or front of house
  • Chimney with multiple placement options

As well as fully featured interiors:

  • Internal walls and floor to match the exterior style
  • Open and closed interior doors
  • Windows with or without light shining in
  • Fireplace with cooktop and animated floor (reflected light from fire)

This tileset even includes a collection of matching furniture (you may optionally use the included sheets with the furniture sliced into like-sized objects):

  • Dark wooden chairs with carved back
  • 1x2 tile nightstands with either open shelves or drawers
  • 2x1 tile cupboard with open shelves
  • Small 1x2 end table
  • 2x3 tile standing mirror with decorative top
  • 2x2 tile metal claw-foot tub
  • Standing wooden room dividers
  • 2x3 tile grandfather clock
  • Wall-mounted shelf
  • Wall-mounted cupboard
  • Dining table of variable size

On top of that, each of my "Home" style tilesets includes a few freebies thrown in for good measure:

  • A diverse transparent shadow tileset for setting up shadows around your buildings
  • A grass /dirt autotile from my Summer Forest tileset
  • Tiles to build any kind of wooden exterior deck with stairs
  • A variety of wooden staircases for internal usage

I have tried my best to make this tileset easy to use, with a simplified layout and labels to help you understand how it's meant to be deployed. There's even an additional file with further explanations to help with proper usage.

This tileset includes a small set of matching furniture, but you can expand your options by picking up my Cozy Furnishings pack:

Everything in this asset pack (rooftops, walls, furniture, etc) is fully compatible/interchangeable with those in my "Home" style line: Thatch Roof Home, Timber Roof Home, and Half-Timber Home, and may be combined to produce a variety of unique structures. All the elements are laid out in the exact same way on each tileset, so you can simply swap out the image to change between different visual styles or color palettes.

Note: The environmental details shown in the preview image (grass, plants, stone path) are borrowed from my Winter Forest tileset (sold separately).

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, home, mana-seed, Pixel Art, Retro, stone, town, village


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $29.95 USD
View bundle
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