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This is a small collection of accessories to decorate a campsite in a fantasy or medieval RPG or adventure game. It'uses 16x16 tiles, though most objects are 2 or 3 tiles square, and includes the following elements:

  • A tent (4x4 tiles)
  • A bedroll (2x3 tiles, 2 layers, to tuck your character sprite in)
  • A fallen branch (for collecting firewood)
  • A squat log to act as a stool
  • An unlit campfire (2x1 tiles)
  • A 4-frame burning campfire (2x2 tiles)
  • A 4-frame dying campfire (2x2 tiles)
  • An ashy extinguished campfire (2x1 tiles)
  • A cooking pot tripod that can go over any of the campfires (2x2 tiles)

Note: The forest background and resting character are not part of this asset. You can find those in the links below.

Special Bonus: If you pledge at least $8 on my Patreon, you can pick up this asset for free using this link.



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    Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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