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This is an animated base for pixel art characters in an RPG or adventure game. It currently includes the following animations in 4 directions (up, down, left, right):

  • 1-frame standing, in 3 different poses
  • 6-frame walking
  • 6-frame running
  • 4-frame tilling soil (using a hoe), woodcutting (axe), or mining (pick)
  • 4-frame planting seeds
  • 4-frame watering plants
  • 4-frame pulling up crops (veggies sold seperately)
  • 8-frame fishing (cast, struggle, reel-in, show off)
  • 5-frame blacksmithing (only 2 directions, left/right)
  • 2 chair-sitting poses
  • 2 floor-sitting poses
  • 4 sleeping poses (in one direction, to match the beds in my tilesets)
  • More coming in future updates...

This package also includes two simple outfits, a pair of boxers and bra/panties combo (seen in the screenshots).

The character is around 32 pixels high, and each frame is isolated in a 64x64 pixel space, arranged evenly on a grid. The asset currently contains four sheets of sprites, each one 512x512 pixels in total. The two included outfits each occupy four more sheets as separate layers that go on top of the base. The tool layers on three of the character sheets also have their own separate sheets. If you are not using a layered paper doll system for your characters, you will need to do some image editing to combine them into a single image.

This base includes 10 skin tone variants of each page, ready to use, but you'll also find a huge collection of 3- and 4-color ramps for skin tones, hair, and clothing, which you can use to customize your characters in a way that still fits with my other assets color-wise.

Over time I'll be adding new animations to this base, and the price might go up, but if you purchase it now, you'll get those future updates free of charge. See update history for information on how far we've come.

This is a gender-neutral character base. You can use outfits and hairstyles to represent both male and female characters. You can see a couple sample hairstyles in the screenshots here, but those are currently not included in this asset. I will release new outfits and hairstyles for this base over time, but they will likely be sold separately. 

Here are links to the currently available outfits for this base (with more on the way):

Note: If you purchase this asset, you are free (and encouraged) to draw/add your own hairstyles and outfits to go on this base. I'm even OK with you selling those compatible additions, as long as you link back here, and don't try to resell this base. Thank you!


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $49.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$18.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

20.00 - Character Base 1.8.zip 812 kB

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Is the fishing animation 4 direction's?

Yup, currently everything is 4 directions except the blacksmithing animation.

good work, thanks

I would like to learn the way you animate your 2d charachter. Do you have a YouTube channel =) ?

I do not have a YouTube channel, but I do stream my process fairly often on my Discord channel, though only patrons may connect to the stream.

Hi, I just purchased this but the character base with layers file is .psd and I don't own Photoshop. I  use Aseperite. Am I missing something here or do I absolutely NEED Photoshop?

The PSD is just there for convenience. You do not need Photoshop. All I did was paste the included PNGs into separate layers in Photoshop, you can do the same with whatever image editing software you use.

You're fast, I was just coming to say 'nvm' because I just converted the layers to png and opened it. Thanks though! Very nice artwork.

Great, I'm glad you found a solution. And thanks! Keep an eye out for future updates, as I plan to add a lot more animations to this base in the coming months😊

Hey, will you add some attack and spell casting animations? Or make some in a extra package to buy? Thank you :)

Yeah I'll definitely be adding combat animations eventually. I have all sorts of animation updates and outfit add-ons planned over the next couple years.