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This is a simple animated bat for an RPG or adventure game, inspired by the bat enemies from Trials of Mana. It has two 4-frame flying animation cycles: up-angle and down-angle. Which can both be flipped to adequately represent movement in just about any direction. There's a 2-frame attack animation in the same two directions, and a single got-hit frame (also in both directions).

The bat is around 24 pixels high on average and occupies a 32x32 pixel cell on the sprite sheet. The sheet is 128x128 in total and comes in six unique color variants. The shadow is a separate sprite so you can play with the perceived cruising altitude of the bat on your own.

In update 1.1 I added a single "hanging" sprite for each color variant, so you can have the bat hanging from the wall or ceiling before attacking.

New in version 2.0: A Secret of Mana-inspired 6-frame explosion animation and assorted bone particle sprites for use when your monster dies.

Look for other creatures in the Mana Seed collection:

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Action RPG, bat, creature, JRPG, mana-seed, Monsters, Retro


Get this asset pack and 7 more for $29.95 USD
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These are such awesome sprites! Do you have any plans to release any more animated sprites for action RPGs like this and the slime?

Definitely. And soon! Look for another monster next month ๐Ÿ‘


Picked this up cause I liked Slippery Slime. 
Any plans to add a death animation to the bat?

I don't plan to add a death animation specifically for the bat, but I am going to add a universal "poof & bones" sheet at some point that will work with most baddies. That will be included with all of them free of charge when it's ready.

That would be awesome.  Looking forward to your releases.