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This is a full set of customizable interior elements for a castle, dungeon, or temple in your RPG or adventure game. This is a 16x16 tile asset arranged efficiently on a single sheet, which is 512x256 pixels in total. Included in this tileset you'll find the following elements:

  • Fully customizable stone castle walls, including angled variations.
  • Low marble wall (waist-high) optionally connected to the marble base of the castle wall. Can be used as a countertop or display shelf.
  • 4 types of windows, 3 of them with variable heights. Designed to match the exterior windows of my Iconic Castle tileset. Each window comes in 2 color swaps and both with and without light shining through.
  • 3 variations of a cylindrical column, all with variable height.
  • A 3x2-tile castle door, both open and closed.
  • A 3x3-tile secret passage door in the castle wall, both open and closed.
  • Fancy wood and gold stairs in both vertical and horizontal alignment, customizable to any height.
  • 5 variations of floor texture:
    • Diamond marble tile
    • Large stone square tiles
    • Small stone square tiles
    • Tiny white square kitchen tiles
    • Auto-tiled fancy royal carpet
  • A large collection of royal furnishings:
    • 2x5-tile royal throne (perfect for my king & queen)
    • Dining table with adjustable size
    • Dining chair in 4 directions
    • Folding dividers, both horizontal and vertical
    • 3x4-tile royal bed
    • 4 different dressers of varying size
    • Fancy grandfather clock
    • Fancy wall shelf (use to display some decorations)
    • 3 varieties of hanging wall armaments
    • 3 varieties of mounted suits of armor
  • A collection of royal kitchen accessories:
    • A decorative gas stovetop and oven
    • A decorative sink
    • 2 types of kitchen counters
    • 3 types of high kitchen cupboard
    • A tall pantry cupboard
    • 2 types of big kitchen table
    • Pots, pans, utensils, and towels hanging on the wall
    • Cutting board and cleaver
    • Small kitchen stool

Also included in this asset is a sheet of handmade prefabs and samples to help you understand how to use it. As well as the TMX map file used to build the prefabs. If you pick up Tiled (for free), you can open up the file and get a closer look at how things are arranged and layered.

This tileset is designed specifically to match the exteriors of my Iconic Castle tileset, but it also works great with any of my other packs that feature interiors or furnishings:

P.S. The king and queen pictured in the product image are from my Standalone NPCs asset pack:

P.S. The header map was designed by the talented sai khay.

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, castle, JRPG, kitchen, mana-seed, Pixel Art, Retro, royal, throne


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $49.99 USD
View bundle
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