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This beautifully detailed and colorful pixel art tileset is loaded with a huge variety of tools to create an expansive wilderness in any kind of top-down RPG or adventure game. The tiles are 16x16, and the style is designed to emulate the look and feel of classic SNES RPGs such as Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. In this tileset you'll find the following elements:

  • 4 different ground textures (regular grass, sunken grass, dirt, cobblestone), each with plenty of variation, and auto-tiled to blend into the environment.
  • A transparent auto-tiled flowerbed texture for covering any other type of ground texture or hiding a transition.
  • Cliffs of varying height that transition into grass, dirt, water, or overhang, complete with stairs and a cave entrance.
  • Standing water, both shallow and deep, with a 6 frame animated waterfall.
  • Animated sparkles, cats tails, and lily pads to decorate your water.
  • 3 different trees (chestnut, maple, and birch) in brightly colored fantasy spring colors.
  • Stumps, fallen logs, branches, and leaves for each tree type.
  • All trees and stumps have variations for placement on either grass or dirt.
  • 4 different smaller plants, with two bushes in both traditional flowering and bright colorful fantasy variations.
  • 6 different mushrooms that grow in spring.
    • Morel
    • Oyster
    • Chicken of the Woods (made to go on a tree trunk)
    • Mica Caps
    • Giant Puffball
    • Wild Enoki
  • Flowering grass tiles in 8 variations.
  • Tall grass with cut version and falling blades animation (so you can incorporate grass cutting into your game).
  • 7 different rocks, each set in grass, dirt, or water.
  • Small tufts of grass and lumps of dirt to place at the base of your buildings to help blend them into the environment better.
  • A few semi-transparent shadow tiles for adding depth to your cliffs.
  • Ploppable objects, like trees, bushes and rocks, separated onto smaller sheets of like size to make them easier to slice.
  • A custom tree wall autotile made from 8x8-tile supertiles.
  • A little bonus stone bridge from my Bridges & More tileset.

In addition to the tileset itself, this asset pack also includes a usage guide assembled in Tiled (TMX files), which helps demonstrate how many elements are intended to function, as well as providing some ideas for maps of your own.

This is part of my seasonal forest collection, use the links below to pick up the summerautumn, and winter variants!

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(8 total ratings)
AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Forest, JRPG, mana-seed, Pixel Art, Retro, spring, trees, waterfall


Get this asset pack and 4 more for $44.95 USD
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(1 edit)

Love these packs. Since the tilesets are built for Tiled a 2x2 system, they don't play so nice with Godot, unfortunately. But it's not too bad to work in Tiled, import to Godot, then make tweaks as needed.

They aren't "built for Tiled", there's no such thing. They're just laid out intuitively, and Tiled is a good adaptable program.

How exactly do my tilesets not play nice with Godot? As far as I'm aware, Godot doesn't have tileset layout requirements.

(1 edit)

For auto tiles, Godot expects every tile to have a base terrain type. Tiled, however, doesn't care what terrain an individual tile is, only what terrain it is adjacent to. Because of this, you have to jump through a lot of very awkward hoops to set these sheets up to work with Godot's auto tiles and terrain system. And even when you get it working, it's a little buggy.  This is a Godot issue. But most other sprite packs I've downloaded have a more Godot-friendly layout (albeit significantly less detailed than what you provide).

The difference is more obvious when you go to draw terrain. In Tiled (and maybe other editors) you're drawing terrain at the corner of 4 tiles. In Godot, you're drawing terrain on single tiles.

(2 edits)

I believe you are describing a single-tile wang system, but the smallest area you can draw with my autotiles is 2x2 tiles. I'll never make a single-tile system because it requires a ridiculous number of tiles:

This is an unnecessary level of control, in my opinion. My tilesets are primarily inspired by Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana, which didn't use this system.

You can certainly use my tilesets just fine with Godot, you just won't be able to paint with a single-tile terrain brush (RPG Maker users have a similar caveat). I recommend using Tiled, then importing to Godot, or just placing your tiles by hand within Godot, as you won't find many creators going to these lengths for an autotile.

(1 edit)

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to come back to this last night.  But yes, Godot expects you to interact with a single tile at a time instead of where 4 tiles meet. And you are correct, it is an insane number of tiles if you want a full set -- 256 tiles are needed just to connect 2 terrain types and that number grows exponentially for every new terrain type. That said, most of the layouts are only about 47 tiles and that gives you more than enough control. Something like this:

 But like I said before, this is a Godot issue. Definitely not a Seliel issue. You are providing a crazy amount of tile combinations. A full Wang set is already more than enough. And it's not a big deal to work inside of Tiled then bring the assets back to Godot. I just figured it was worth mentioning since other folks might also want this for Godot.

license to use? videogame commercial?

There's a link to the Mana Seed User License at the bottom of EVERY product page. You didn't need to post this question in seven different places.

Hi sprkem, awesome bundle! Can we use your free bundle in commercial projects? It would be nice to know :)

Yes, you may use the free version commercially πŸ‘

Great asset but a small usability issue for me... Is it possible for the tree wall to be done without the baked in floor? Somewhat like the canopy only version but with trunks.

The same would be useful across the bundle if at all possible!

That's not something I plan to do, but the grass and dirt use unique colors, so you can use the magic wand tool in any image editor (I use Aseprite) to select those colors and just delete them.

Hey Seliel,

I saw on your patreon that you are updating these forest assets. We are using them in a game and are gearing up to build the map. Do you have a rough idea on the completion date for the updates? Much appreciated.

Tentatively within in the next 3-4 weeks. That's the goal, at least πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ