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REQUIREMENTS: This is an outfit expansion for my Character Base asset. It functions like a paper doll layer, so you must own the Character Base in order to use this.

This asset has four layers you can mix and match (cloak, mantle, hood up or hood down) to create a total of nine different cloak/hood styles. This asset is meant to overlay my Character Base, and though the Base has received updates since this asset was originally published, it has been brought up to 100% compatibility. Here's a full list of animations:

  • PAGE 1
    • 1-frame standing
    • 6-frame walking
    • 6-frame running
    • 2-frame pushing heavy object
    • 2-frame pulling heavy object
    • 4-frame jumping
  • PAGE 2
    • 4-frame tilling soil, woodcutting, or mining
  • PAGE 3
    • 8-frame fishing (cast, struggle, reel-in, show off)
  • PAGE 4
    • 5-frame blacksmithing (only 2 directions, left/right)
    • 5-frame climbing (in one direction, up)
    • Shocked emote (while facing down only)
    • 2-frame looking left and right while facing down
    • 2-frame drinking at a bar (facing left/right only)
    • 1-frame alternate idle standing (hand on hip)
    • 2-frame alternate idle standing (arms crossed, toe-tapping)
    • 2 chair-sitting poses
    • 2 floor-sitting poses
    • 4 sleeping poses (in one direction, to fit in Mana Seed beds)
  • Optional files (unsupported after version 1.3)
    • PAGE 1B (pole alt)
      • Full alternate of page 1 while holding a spear or polearm
    • PAGE 1C (2hwp alt)
      • Full alternate of page 1 while holding a 2-hand weapon

This asset is not yet compatible with any of my combat animation add-ons for the Base, but a free update will come eventually.

This asset includes 10 different color swaps, but the Base also has a big collection of suitable color ramps to customize this outfit even further.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Animation, cape, Characters, cloak, hood, mana-seed, outfit, Pixel Art


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

20.05d - Cloak & Hood 1.3 (comp. v01).zip 2 MB

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Hiho again, i did buy the base one and reading this i found like.. it wont be able to be used together with any other one.. i mean, apparently wouldn't be able to use cloak with archer/sword animation.. am i right?!
(its says unsupported after 1.3) 


The bit that's unsupported is the optional files. The page 1 alternates.

That being said, this outfit add-on doesn't yet include any of the animations from the combat add-ons (they were released after this was). It will have those animations in a future update, but right now it only covers the animations in the Base.

Whoa this looks nice! What do you make these pixel arts in? 😇

I do everything in Aseprite. If you're interested in making some pixel art, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I think it's $20 on Steam. But if the price is an issue, GraphicsGale is a great pixel art app and it's free!

Thank you. I'll look them up 👍

Does the new update you sent out a week or so ago cover the spear and bow animations?


None of the outfits include animations for the combat add-ons yet. It will be noted in a future update when they do.

How would this work with the bow addon Seliel? Would the quiver fit over the cloak?

I would put the quiver over the cloak, yeah. But none of the outfits have been updated to fit the bow animations yet 😬

Do you plan to do so? Or do you think we could do it ourselves without tinkering in the design?

You're welcome to do it yourself. A lot of the existing frames will fit already.

I will definitely update each outfit to match all the animations, it's just a matter of when I can find the time.