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This is a big big tileset for making big big trees! Erect massive trees for your players to scale, go inside, and fight baddies on. Take in the view, explore hollow insides, or cross the branches to neighboring trees. This 16x16 pixel art tileset is inspired by the "Mana Tree" from so many of the "Mana" games, and I hope it lives up to the comparison ๐Ÿ™

In this tileset you will find...

  • Tiled wood floors and walls, for both the interior and exterior of the tree
  • Large prefab objects to represent tangled vines in a variety of formations designed to seamlessly blend into the customizable tiled elements
  • Large prefab branches (for characters to walk on) that wrap around the tree going up or down, and even curving onto the ground into the roots
  • A variety of large (512x512) background images (11 versions) representing different times of day or seasons, so your players can take in the view while climbing the tree
  • Large interior backgrounds (12 versions) to represent the hollow inside of the tree, with (or without) holes in various positions so you can see outside while you're inside the tree
  • A large interior backgrounds (4 versions) in the form of a massive tree floor with visible rings (perfect for boss battles)
  • Doors for the exterior or interior, with the interior ones featuring light in three color palettes to represent different times of day
  • Great big mushroom prefabs you can arrange as desired to act as platforms to take your players up or down the tree, both inside and out
  • A small branch with wang-tile customizability, plant some leaves on it as desired
  • A whole bunch of leaf and mushroom objects, big and small, to decorate your tree and branches as you see fit
  • An auto-tiled leaf and shadow cluster for use in making leafy shaded foregrounds (can be used with any of my other forest tilesets)
  • A tree trunk that rises up from the grass, with variable height and width, for grounding your World Tree conveniently in one of my seasonal forest tilesets

PLEASE NOTE: This is a large complex tileset, not meant for beginners. The sheets are 1024x512. It combines traditional tiled elements with large prefabs that need to go together in a certain way. You'll probably need 4 or 5 background layers and at least 2 foreground layers if you want to take advantage of everything this tileset has to offer. If you're on RPG Maker, please understand that you will be in for a challenge if you try to use this asset.

The grass at the base of the tree comes with pre-colored matches for all my seasonal forest tilesets (including snow), but can also be recolored to match my Rainforest Jungle tileset.

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags16-bit, 16x16, 2D, Backgrounds, mana-seed, pixe-art, Retro, tree


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $69.95 USD
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Loving the Mana Seed series, this particular set is likely my favorite on the market. Just about completed the collection - which is going to take me plenty of time to put to good use and will likely have its places in many projects to come so Iโ€™m not necessarily jumping at the bit for something new, but was curious are you planning more series like this for the future or to just keep building onto the Mana Seeds world? Thanks for sharing these with us!

Thanks for the kind words! I still have big plans for the future of Mana Seed, so i probably won't start work on another series for several years.

Got ya, right on - stoked to watch the series evolve!