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This is a lovingly crafted hand-drawn pixel art tileset for an RPG or adventure game in a retro 16-bit style inspired by Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. The tiles are 16x16 pixels and the objects are sized for character sprites around 32 pixels high (like the Mana Seed NPCs). Here's a list of everything you're getting in this pack:

  • Snow and dirt ground textures, each with a variety of alternate tiles and a corner-to-corner autotile to blend them together
  • The dirt texture matches the one used in most of my other tilesets, so with some color matching, you can combine some aspects from other environments
  • Icy frozen lake texture and autotiles to blend it into the dirt or snow
  • 4 rocks-on-snow tiles
  • 4 grass-on-snow tiles
  • 4 pink tundra flowers that can go on any ground texture
  • Footprints in the snow
  • A couple of 2x2 tiles with larger snow banks
  • A large pile of rocks on snow or dirt
  • A happy snowfolk
  • Super flexible stone cliffs
    • Both snow and dirt variants
    • Cave openings on snow or dirt (perfect for transitioning to my Muddy Cave tileset)
    • Vertical cliff stairs on snow or dirt
    • 1x3-tile optional side-cliffs for extra detail
  • Evergreen trees
    • Three large tree sprites (scots pine, douglas fir, and blue spruce)
    • Cut or hollow stumps and fallen logs
    • All tree elements are conveniently spaced on a single ready-to-splice sheet
    • Inventory icons for pine needles, branches, and pinecones
    • A large tree wall tileset for setting up the outer boundaries of large forest maps
    • The trees all come in 6 seasonal/environmental varieties so you can plop them right into my seasonal forest tilesets without issue
  • Bonuses!
    • Diverse transparent shadow tileset
    • Custom tileset for easily creating collision on any map when using Tiled
    • Frozen character magical effect (and usage guide)
    • Sample map (requires Tiled) with autotile-prepped TSX files

When your players are through exploring the frozen wastes, send them to some of the other exotic locales in the Mana Seed collection:

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AuthorSeliel the Shaper
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 16x16, 2D, mana-seed, Pixel Art, snow, Tilemap, Tileset, tree


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $69.95 USD
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I feel the Terranigma in this one.