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REQUIREMENTS: This is an animation expansion for my Character Base asset. It adds two new pages of animations, so you must own the Character Base in order to use this.

This asset adds three new pages of combat animations to my Character Base. All these animations revolve around using a spear or polearm, and include the following actions, all in four directions:

  • Drawing/sheathing a spear
  • 4-frame combat-ready idle
  • 4-frame combat-ready move
  • Slashing attack
  • Thrusting attack (2 versions)
  • Parrying an attack
  • Evading an attack
  • Getting hit by an attack
  • Getting knocked on the ground
  • Lunge/leap forward
  • Retreat/leap backward
  • Three different polearm types, each with their own sprite sheets:
    • Short Spear
    • Winged Spear
    • Halberd
  • Two bonus outfits (the same ones from the Base)
  • Two bonus hairstyles (the same ones from the Base)

Some extras I've also included:

  • A text file explaining all the animations, along with some suggested timing.
  • Separate sheets with all the weapon sprites so you can set up your own custom animations.
  • Visual guides demonstrating which frames are used for which animations and when to move the spear sprite in front of or behind the character sprite.
  • The multi-layered multi-framed source file, to assist you in making your own outfits, hairstyles, and more (requires Aseprite). This isn't officially supported but is included for advanced users. Go wild, just don't ask me how to use it!

The polearms each come on their own sprite sheets, and your game will need to be able to switch the weapons to in-front-of or behind the character sprite during some animations. If your engine doesn't support paper doll mechanics or dynamic layer swapping, you'll need to use an image editor to set up these sprites before you use them.

Each of the three weapon sprites comes in five different color palettes. The body sprite and the two free hairstyles all come in the same color palettes found in the Character Base (that's ten skin tones and thirteen hair colors).

Note: There's a slight possibility I may update this with a couple more combat animations in the future. Any such update will be free for anyone who already owns this. If you'd like to commission some custom weapon sprites, you can find a link to my Ko-fi below.


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

20.10a - Spear Combat 3.2.zip 2 MB

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Hi, I've bought, but I need two more set of frames, "walking" and "running", I can buy then separatedly?

Walk and run animations are in the Character Base, which is linked at the top of the page. The Base is a requirement for this asset.

are there any plans yet on creating a character sprite armed with two weapons? :)

Sorry, no plans for that. But maybe you can draw an offhand weapon on the Sword & Shield combat animations? 🤷‍♀️

i will try this, thx :)

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I notice the monster package is side-view. Is this package side-view as well?
I.e. does this base attack with its spear only to the left and right, or also upward and downward?
(my game is sort of a mystery dungeon meets zelda I adopted by chrono trigger... thing)
(and is in desperate need of better art than mine)

From the product description:

"All these animations revolve around using a spear or polearm, and include the following actions, all in four directions:"

Sorry about that.
Thanks for the prompt response.

I feel the Terranigma in this one.

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Are there any outfits that go along with these animations?

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Not yet, I'm afraid. It will happen eventually, but I might finish a couple more combat add-ons before doing them all at once.