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This is a full set of structural assets for cozy village interiors. Though specifically designed to match my Iconic Homestead exteriors, this asset should work with any medieval style dwellings. Featuring 2 different floor types, 2 different wall types, stairs going in 4 directions, windows both dark and sunlit, 3 different doors, and a 4-frame animated fireplace (plus an unlit option).

You can decorate these interiors with my Cozy Furnishings and Animated Candles assets, or feel free to use your own!


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $34.99 USD
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005 - Iconic Interiors.zip 392 kB


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This seems perfect for the project I'm working on. Can I use this for commercial use?

Yep, just follow the link at the bottom that says "Mana Seed User License" for all the particulars 👍

Can you give me a exemple please for see its good for my game ? 

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand your question. There are quite a few examples in the screenshots for this asset.

I would like to have an example so that I test if the asset is compatible with my software which is not an rpg maker so maybe this is not compatible so I would like to test please

Oh, I understand. I'm sorry but there's no free trial. But if it helps, this is not designed with any version of RPG Maker in mind. Any 2d engine that uses 16x16 pixel tiles should be fine for this. The scale for the doors, windows, etc is meant for characters around 32 pixels high.